RIFO Barbecue Carnival Day -

2019-08-29 Rifo

On Aug. 5, 2019, RIFO Realty Group successfully held the "RIFO Barbecue Carnival Day" at the picturesque Oakview Terrace Royal Manor! The theme of this team building activity is "Breakthrough! Innovate! Win-win! ", to enjoy the food and team-building game process, to enhance team cohesion, to promote team integration, and to strengthen the ability to cooperate, while increasing the sense of belonging of employees to the company.


Participating in this event are not only RIFO Holding Group, RIFO Realty Group's Master Choice Group, Royal Elite Realty, Eastide Realty, Home Art Realty, Artsy Home Staging,  RIFO Realty, as well as industry partners and major media, and we really feel the warmth of the RIFO family.




Mr. Ji Xiaoshuo, President of RIFO Holding Group, delivered a speech at the event, summing up the rapid development of RIFO since its inception. With the rapid expansion of the RIFO platform, RIFO has more than 30 branches and 4,150 outstanding real estate agents in less than nine months. In addition, the RIFO Group will continue to expand this year, and more than 20 outstanding real estate companies, including several excellent real estate companies in Vancouver, will join the RIFO Realty Group. RIFO Realty Group will provide the best quality and comprehensive services for all its brokers, with particular reference to the fact that RIFO Realty Group will release the most preferential policies for all its brokers in the near future.



Mr. Ji Bin, President of RIFO Realty Group CEO, RIFO China Realty Group, also addressed the event -- he said he was very happy to take advantage of today's opportunity to bring together all the outstanding brokers of the companies of RIFO Realty Group. RIFO Realty Group's achievements today all depend on our joint efforts, and we look forward to their better performance in the future. Mr. Ji Bin also mentioned that RIFO Holdings Group formally joined CUPA (China Urban Property Innovation Association) this year to become its first overseas member. RIFO, which combines with CUPA, will enter a larger international platform from the North American market, but also establish a solid cornerstone, will work with more outstanding and powerful enterprises to create a better future.



In the award session, the presidents of RIFO Realty Group granted awards to outstanding brokers and employees for their hard work in the first half of 2019, and also hoped that they can achieve good results in the future!








RIFO Realty Group has prepared a wealth of delicacies, fruits, drinks and desserts for everyone to enjoy, during the team building!








The company has also designed and arranged wonderful game links, such as trio quadrupeds and balloon games. We actively participated in the whole event, in the wonderful and fierce competition, fully demonstrating the vigorous spirit of the RIFO team! The outstanding team that won the victory on the spot, also won the exquisite prize provided by RIFO!




The RIFO team building activity ended successfully in a pleasant atmosphere. The company leaders took photos with the employees and believed that through the joint efforts of the employees, RIFO Realty Group will reach a higher level! 


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