Equity Investment -- the Right Way of Asset Allocation for High Net Worth Individuals!

2019-08-29 Rifo

Some individuals say that the recession has arrived, while others argue that the global economy is now in a new normal (long-term slow economic growth), rather than a real recession.


Under the macro background of slowing global economic growth, accelerating asset rotation, Sino-US trade war and Fed rate cut, investment returns are under constant pressure. At this time, private equity assets are favored, and high net worth individuals tend to increase their allocation proportion in financial assets. In the future, high net worth individuals and families will rely more and more on equity investment to realize the value-added and inheritance of family wealth by prolonging the investment cycle.


On the morning of August 16, 2019, Fidelity Investments、 Invest X、Queen Financial and RIFO Holding Group co-organized a lecture on "Equity Investment -- the Right Way of Asset Allocation for High Net Worth Individuals" at Royal Manor. At the lecture, they explained in detail "how to find deterministic strategies in uncertainty?", “how to select top funds, high quality private equity and scarce Pre-IPO projects?" and "how to construct extraordinary money?".

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RIFO is the leading O2O mobile ecological property trading platform in North America. Based on our core strength of technology, we offer quality services by enhancing the efficiency of the industrial chain. We transform business models ambitiously for traditional real estate sales, value creation, and customer experience enhancement. RIFO's trading platform extends its services to housing services, real estate financial products, and real estate transactions.


In the future asset allocation plan, high net worth individuals prefer private equity assets and overseas assets, the demand for stock assets and fixed income assets is on the rise, and their attitude towards real estate assets has changed from pessimism to neutrality. Generally speaking, financial assets are being increased, and the direction of balanced asset allocation is developing across regions, currencies, cycles, and categories.


The prospect of the private equity industry

The size of China's private wealth market has grown fivefold in a decade, continuing to unleash significant growth potential and huge market value. At the same time, with the increasing number of high net worth individuals, their group's investment characteristics are increasingly prominent, and the characteristics of private equity funds just match the investment requirements of high net worth individuals.


With the opening of IPO, the paid-in amount of private equity and venture capital funds has reached a record high, and the amount of M&A transactions dominated by private equity funds continues to grow rapidly. The future macro policies will continue to benefit the private equity industry, and the government multi-level capital market construction and other policies will bring more investment opportunities and exit channels for private equity investment.


This lecture has set up a platform for enterprises and people who are interested in equity investment at the scene to learn, exchange and share resources. Through the lecture, enterprises and investment institutions can get a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the operation and management of funds, equity investment project management and investment strategies. The audience also actively asked questions and exchanged ideas with the industry. The atmosphere was very active.




*Don't worry about missing out on this event. We will hold another lecture on "Equity Investment -- the Right Way of Asset Allocation for High Net Worth Individuals" on September 6. If you are interested in equity investment, please scan and sign up! Limited quantity. First come first serve!

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